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LAN management using computer graphics

: Likavec, J.

Automatika 31 (1990), No.1/2, pp.415-424
ISSN: 0005-1144
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IGD ()
Computer Communication; computer graphic; LAN

Modern LAN (networks of workstations) are increasing in complexity due to the diversity of equipment being connected and the vaiety of services being offered. At the same time companies are placing more and more demands to maximize the efficiency of their personnel and the performance of their equipment. Despite the availability of computerized support tools, effective network management requires a high degree of operators alertness, coupled with the assimilation and mastery of vashor has investigated the use of computer graphics to agoals of network management systems are to reduce both network downtime and operating costs. In line with these goals, author has investigated the use of computer graphics to automate the diagnosis of LAN problems and LAN management. Knowledge-based tools and computer graphics can help operators to manage their networks more effectively and cope with the information overload inherently present in these demanding environments.