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Lagestabile Positionierung aktiv beweglicher Einzeller

Manipulation of single cells in fluid for examination - uses electrodes to generate fields for their alignment and braking for positioning.
: Lucas, K.; Fuhr, G.; Mueller, T.; Reimer, K.; Wagner, B.

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DE 1996-19602164 A: 19960122
EP 1997-100865 A: 19970121
EP 785428 B1: 20040407
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Device to give a stable positioning or sepn. of active moving objects (15), such as single cells in a liq. medium like sperm or bacteria, they are aligned and braked by at least 1 elongated electrode (11) in a micrometer range, through alternating or drifting HF fields. One or more braking electrodes (13), with dimensions matching the alignment electrodes (11), slow down their forwards movement until they stop so that, when stationary, they can be registered and evaluated. With a suitable micro-instrument, they can be removed separately. Also claimed is an appts. with a two- or three-dimensional electrode array (11a,11b) and at least 1 channel (16), to form a substrate (17) with a structured and flat surface through hybrid assembly. USE - The technique is used for biological/medical cell technology, for the examination of suspended single cells such as bacteria and human and animal sperm. It is used in the diagnosis and therapy of fertility problems, in vitro fertilisation of single ce lls and as a test system for effects on pharmaceutical or environmental aspects. ADVANTAGE - The operation brings the moving single cells to rest, without affecting their natural movement and without contact, so that they can be examined separately.