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Linear measurement setup
: Mueller, T.

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DE 1993-4317335 A: 19930525
DE 1993-4317335 A: 19930525
DE 4317335 A1: 19941208
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The invention relates to a linear measurement setup for the measurement of the position of an object to be measured in a measuring direction which has a detector setup and a radiation generating device, whereby the position of the radiation impact spot depends on the position of the object to be measured in the direction of the measurement. The detector setup according to the invention comprises two groups of detectors which are arranged alternately in the linear direction of the detector device. Each group of detectors on the output side is connected to one signal logic circuit in order to generate a pulse train when the object to be measured moves. The outputs of the two signal logic circuits are linked to an evaluation and counting facility which counts the pulses in one of the two pulse trains, and their direction of counting depends on the mutual phase position of the two pulse trains. The device according to the invention can, for example, be used to minitor chip contacting in se miconductor production.