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Kühlschmierung beim Keramikschleifen

: Spur, G.; Brücher, T.

Dokladna Obrobka Elementow Maszyn. Vortragsband
Dokladna Obrobka Elementar Maszyn <1995, Poznan>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPK ()
advanced ceramics; cooling lubrication; grinding; Keramik; Kühlschmierung; Schleifen

In order to optimize the grinding process of advanced ceramics it is of vital importance that the cutting fluid system is constructed according to the demands. One the one hand, the grinding process and the working result are considerably influenced by cooling lubrication. On the other hand, apart from merely technological aspects the layout of machining processes has increasingly to consider ecological and safety aspects In this connection the influence of the cutting fluid and the supply are explained for pendulum surface grinding of HPSN. Furthermore, a method for the selection of cooling lubricants is presented taking also ecological physiological and economical aspects into account. Additionally, recommendations for a technologically and ecologically favorable configuration of the cutting fluid supply are given.