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Kryokonservierung und Tieftemperaturbearbeitung von biologischen Objekten

Cryogenic preservation of tissues, cells and organelles on substrate surfaces - by coating objects, forming substrate-target with micro-droplet projector, immobilising object on substrate-target and adjusting temp. for storage and-or processing.
: Fuhr, G.; Hornung, J.; Hagedorn, R.; Mueller, T.; Howitz, S.; Wagner, B.; Hofman, U.

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DE 1994-4438232 A: 19941026
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WO 1995-DE1490 W: 19951026
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EP 804073 B1: 19990107
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Cryogenic preservation of objects, such as cell structures, individual cells and/or their components, on substrate surfaces by: (a) coating the object with a solvent in a reservoir and (b) directing the coated object under spatial and temporal control onto a surface of the temp.-controlled ''substrate-target'' (formed by micro-droplet projector) at temp. T1. The objects adhere there, fixed in position. The target temp. is adjusted to T2 for preservation and storage, or T3 for processing. Also claimed is a device for carrying out above process. USE - The process is used for the cryogenic conservation of microscopic biological material, arrayed precisely on substrates, with the ability to remove material selectively whilst deep-frozen, and to thaw and revitalise living cells. ADVANTAGE - Very small quantities may be precisely positioned at high density, the droplets being of pl or low microlitre size. Extremely rapid, or very slow cooling is feasible by control of the relative temps. The solvent coating enables very small objects to be handled, protects them and their contents when frozen, and may contain a number of chemical components. Piezoelectric actuation is suitable for the appts. A wide variety of spatial structures may be built up on the substrate, using different solvents, objects and coatings.