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Kraftfahrzeugfelge mit Codierstruktur

Codierstruktur (A)
Coding structure
: Bauer, N.

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DE 1990-4034415 A: 19901029
DE 1990-4034415 A: 19901029
EP 1991-117633 A: 19911015
DE 4034415 C1: 19920220
EP 483600 B1: 19970102
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The description refers to a coding structure affixed to an object for the coding of information affecting the object, said information being detectable and decodable by means of an image processing device. A known coding structure designated as a barcode is restricted to applications in which the coding structure can be printed with high precision. The coding structure according to the invention permits reliable information decoding, in particular in the area of identification of light alloy vehicle rims on which a barcode cannot be affixed, said coding structure comprising at least three parallel marking bodies running along the surface of the object and each having the same width, the quotient of a first distance between the first and second marking bodies in relation to a second distance between the third marking body and the first or second marking body having a value dependent on the coded information.