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Kontaktlose Chipkarte

Contactless chip card - has electrical connections between semiconductor chip and antenna structure formed integral with latter.
: Azdasht, G.; Lange, M.

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DE 1996-19642378 A: 19961014
DE 1996-19642378 A: 19961014
EP 1997-911217 AW: 19971013
WO 1997-EP5624 A: 19971013
DE 19642378 C2: 20000608
EP 931296 B1: 20030122
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The chip card (10) has an insulating substrate (12) in which a semiconductor chip (14) is incorporated, together with a coil structure (18) coupled to the semiconductor chip. The connections between the semiconductor chip and the coil structure are formed integral with the latter, with the semiconductor chip recessed into the substrate surface, so that the main surface of the chip lies flush with the substrate surface. USE - For key card used for door or automobile lock. ADVANTAGE - Eliminates need for bonded connections.