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Kombination von Bildauswerteverfahren und Neuronalen Netzen für die sichtsystemgestützte Oberflächenprüfung

Combination of image evaluation and neural network methods for the inspection of workpiece surfaces
: Quint, F.; Korn, A.

Fraunhofer-Institut für Informations- und Datenverarbeitung -IITB-, Karlsruhe:
Mitteilungen aus dem Fraunhofer-Institut für Informations- und Datenverarbeitung -IITB- '93
Karlsruhe, 1993 (Mitteilungen aus dem Fraunhofer-Institut für Informations- und Datenverarbeitung)
pp.15-21 : Abb.,Lit.
Book Article
Fraunhofer IITB ( IOSB) ()
computer vision; geometric moment; geometrischer Moment; industrial inspection; mehrschichtiges Perzeptron; multilayer perceptron; neural network; neuronales Netzwerk; Restricted Coulomb Energy network; Restricted Coulomb Energy Netzwerk; sichtsystemgestützte Oberflächenprüfung

A system for industrial inspection tasks by computer vision is under development within the project SIOB (Sichtgestützte Inspektion von Objekten). This project integrates knowledge-based methods (e.g. expert systems), image evaluation procedures, and artificial neural networks (NN) for classification purposes in order to obtain a flexible inspection system for different industrial application areas. As a representative example, the inspection of a conduction protective switchgear is considered. A flow chart of all components of the projected prototype is discussed and some relevant image processing methods for the extraction of features (edges, blobs) are described where by means of adaptive thresholds the effects of slow illumination variations could be avoided. Blobs are described by geometric moments which are the input for two different NN: The Backpropagation Network and the RCE (Restricted Coulomb Energy)-Network.