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Knowledge based system for continuous steel casting in interaction with conventional programs

: Mertins, K.; Albrecht, R.; Bucksch, G.

AMST '93. 3rd International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Technology. Proceedings
International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Technology (AMST) <3, 1993>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPK ()
automatic continuous casting program; KBMS expert system shell; planning process

The basic requirement for scheduling the continuous casting in a steel making factory is to optimize the strain of the converters. The "automatic continuous casting program" supplies insufficient advises, because this is not capable of handling time restrictions. It has to be optimized by two encapsulating knowledge based modules to come up with a complete workable solution. A plan developed for the continuous casting is guided by process data, scenarios describing the surrounding situation, and the depending plan for the converters. This planning process has to include resources, observing terms, and trouble handling. The possibility of including the experience of the masters of continuous casting and converters is important for improving the work of the Al modules. The evaluation of the given situation is done in the first knowledge based module according to the process data and the describing scenarios. This first knowledge based module supplies the input data for the "automatic con tinuous casting program". The results of the "automatic continuous casting program" is treated as a proposal schedule for the second knowledge based module. This module contains control knowledge and correction knowledge for optimizing the result with the former planning module in a cyclical heuristically process until certain quality criteria for schedule are met. The overall result of the joint work of the "automatic continuous casting program" extended by the two knowledge based modules is a manufacturable plan that incorporates the time restrictions. The knowledge based modules are realised with the KBMS expert system shell and tightly coupled using database technology.