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Kleben von Kunststoffen

: Krüger, G.

Lernen und Lehren 7 (1992), No.25/26, pp.51-62
ISSN: 0176-0157
ISSN: 0940-7340
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
adhesive bonding; Kleben; Kunststoff; plastic; pretreatment; Vorbehandlung

Many polymers show a low surface energy. Therefore a pretreatment is necessary before joining them by adhesives. Suitable techniques are mechanical, chemical and physical methods like flame treatment, pickling, low pressure plasma treatment, plasma gun, corona treatment or gas phases fluorination. Suggestions for suitable combinations of pretreatment methods and adhesives are made for polymers like poly (ethylene), poly (propylene) and poly (carbonate).