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Kleb- und Dichtungsmassen und deren Verwendung

Adhesive and sealing compound and their application
: Philipp, G.; Schmidt, H.; Patzelt, H.

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DE 1985-3536716 A: 19851015
DE 1985-3536716 A: 19851015
EP 1986-114291 A: 19861015
DE 3536716 A1: 19870416
EP 223067 B1: 19901227
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Adhesive and sealing compounds suitable for sealing and jointing substrates made of materials such as glass, metal or plastics, contain (A) a silicic acid hetero condensation polymer which is obtained by hydrolysis and condensation of organosilanes and, if necessary, silicon-functional silanes, organofunctional silanes and/or oxide components; (B) a polymerization or cross-linking catalyst and (C) if necessary, an organic monomer or prepolymer copolymerizable with the silicic acid hetero condensation polymer.