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Kernel/2r. A reference model conformant factory support environment

: Deiters, W.; Holtkamp, B.; Weber, H.; Weißenberg, N.; Adomeit, R.; Gera, M.; Jägers, R.

Weber, H.:
The software factory challenge
Amsterdam: IOS Press, 1997
ISBN: 4-274-90116-5
ISBN: 90-5199-288-2
Book Article
Fraunhofer ISST, Institutsteil Dortmund ()
CORMAN; integrated software infrastructure; interaction; interconnection; interoperation; interworking; Kernel/2r; MUSE; process model; software bus; software factory; WHOW

The paper is devoted to the most complete implementation of an ESF Factory Support Environment to date, Kernel/2r. Kernel/2r is an integrated infrastructure, in accordance with ESF's CoRe reference model, on the basis of which distributed systems can be developed with relative ease. It is a prototype software infrastructure for building distributed, process-oriented, multi-user/multi-role systems for any IT purpose, which is characterised by groups of people working co-operatively in a distributed environment and acting in various roles, following a defined work process (e.g. along the lines of ISO 9000). This infrastructure provides integrated support for communication and co-ordination in a distributed environment and allows for evolutionary change in the tools used for this support. Kernel/2r serves as the basis of the application system and co-ordinates the use of all application-specific components and process descriptions added to Kernel/2r. It includes a process management compo nent (Inter-Working) and various user interfaces (InterAction) for different user groups which are integrated through a Software Bus (InterOperation and lnterConnection). Part III provides a highly detailed discussion of both design and implementation issues to convince the reader of the viability of ESF ideas in practice.