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Katalytisches Gassensorelement

Catalytic gas sensor element for e.g. warning devices - has detection element consisting of microporous silicon block which is impregnated with precursor of catalytically active noble metal
: Drost, S.; Lang, W.; Steiner, P.; Krenkow, A.; Mueller, G.; Hellmich, W.; Beguin, B.; Primet, M.; Manguin Fritsch, A.; Suski, J.; Endres, H.-E.

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EP 1996-111696 A: 19960719
EP 1996-111696 A: 19960719
EP 819935 B1: 19990331
Patent, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IFT; 2000 dem IZM eingegliedert

EP 819935 A UPAB: 19980223 The gas sensor element comprises a detection element (10) attached to the bottom side of a carrier membrane (12) consisting of e.g. silicon carbide. The detection element consists of a microporous p-type silicon block, the bottom side of which is impregnated with a catalytically active noble metal. The bottom side of the membrane has additionally attached to it a holder (14,16) which consist of a frame out of silicon. The top side of the membrane preferably has metallic resistance structures (18) which are used for heating the detection element as well as for temperature measurement. The metallic structures can be applied to the membrane e.g. in the form of a meander. Preferably, the catalytically active noble metal is palladium, platinum or iridium. USE - For leakage detection, control of working areas, process control and gas analysis. Detects combustible gas e.g. CO, CH4, alcohols in air. ADVANTAGE - Shows high stability, little poisoning and ageing effects as well as high sensitivity.