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Katalytischer Brenner

Catalytic burner
: Ledjeff, K.

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DE 1993-4330130 A: 19930906
DE 1993-4330130 A: 19930906
DE 4330130 C1: 19941020
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The invention relates to a catalytic two-stage burner (1) comprising at least one combustible gas feed (3) for a H<-2 and/or hydrocarbon-containing combustible gas and at least one feed (17) for a combustion gas such as oxygen or air, two combustion stages (15, 16), whereby the second combustion stage (16) is a monolythic burner through which the gas mixture leaving the first stage (15) flows, and a heat exchanger (8) which is in conjunction with the burner (1), whereby the first combustion stage (15) is a diffusion burner in which a chamber (6) containing the combustible gas is separated from the chamber (7) containing the combustion gas by a catalytic layer (burner structure 4) permeable to the combustible gas, whereby the burner layer (4) is formed by highly porous catalytically active material with a coating thickness of 0.05 to 10 mm having a porosity of > 50% and a pore size of 0.001 to 100 m, whereby the combustible gas is fed to the chamber (6) and the combustion g as is fe d to the chamber (7)