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Karton - vielfältige Quellen der Fehlgerüche

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Cardboard - Different Sources of Taint
: Ziegleder, G.

Zucker- und Süßwaren Wirtschaft 51 (1998), No.10, pp.402-404
ISSN: 0373-0204
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IVV ()
aroma; cardboard; flavour; gas chromatography; Gaschromatographie; Karton; lipid oxidation; Lipidoxidation; microbiology; Mikrobiologie; Qualität; quality

Off-odour of cardboards means a serious problem to food packaging. Taints not only arise from the printing but may be already present within the unprinted board. Several natural sources of odorous compounds are possible. Rancid taint is generated by volatile oxidation products of linolenic acid, which is present in residual resins and wood. Especially oxidative bleaching may cause problems. Shortchain free fatty acid with sour-musty odour are developed microbially within the water circle of paper mills. Some further natural and chemical sources of taints exist. Chances and problems with the estimation of the different odorous substances are discussed.