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Ionenstrahlmodifizierung von mit dem Laser-Arc abgeschiedenen DLC-Schichten

Modification of laser-arc DLC layers by ion beams
: Kolitsch, A.; Drescher, D.; Scheibe, H.J.

Hecht, G. ; Societe Francaise du Vide -SFV-, Paris; Deutsche Vakuum-Gesellschaft:
Thin Films. Proceedings of the joint 4th International Symposium on Trends and New Applications in Thin Films TATF '94 and the 11th Conference on High Vacuum, Interfaces and Thin Films HVITF '94
Oberursel: DGM-Informationsgesellschaft, 1994
ISBN: 3-88355-199-6
International Symposium on Trends and New Applications in Thin Films (TATF) <4, 1994, Dresden>
Conference on High Vacuum, Interfaces and Thin Films (HVITF) <11, 1994, Dresden>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWS ()
a-C film; a-C Schicht; DLC-film; DLC-Schicht; gepulste Vakuumbogenabscheidung; ion implantation; Ionenimplantation; Laser-Arc; mechanical property; mechanische Eigenschaft; pulsed arc deposition

Hard diamond-like carbon films prepared by laser-induced vacuum arc evaporation (LASER-ARC) on silicon wafers and hardened tool steels were investigated. The characterization includes the estimation of the mechanical properties how ultra-micro hardness, surface roughness, wear and friction behaviour and layer adhesion. The chemical bonding and structure was studied by Auger electron spectroscopy, elastic recoil detection analysis and Raman spectroscopy. This investigation was followed by a modification of the diamond-like carbon layers by ion beams of different ion energies and several ions, especially carbon and noble gas ions. The modify of the mechanical properties in relation to structural changes of the film will measured. It will be shown that the ion beam modification alters roughness, adherence, hardness, wear and friction behavior as function of the ion energy. The different range and energy deposition as function of the ion energy allows a systematic modification of the layer /substrate interface for increasing of the adherence of the DLC-layer. The possibilities of homogenisation of graphitic inclusions in the DLC-matrix by ion beam irradiation will be studied as a function of the mass, energy and flux of the ions.