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Investigation of the biodurability of wollastonite and xonotlite

: Bellmann, B.; Muhle, H.


Environmental Health Perspectives 102 (1994), No.5, Supplement, pp.191-195
ISSN: 0091-6765
ISSN: 1078-0475
ISSN: 1552-9924
Workshop on Biopersistence of Respirable Synthetic Fibers and Minerals <1992, Lyon>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
crocidolite; electron microscopy; fibre; intratracheal instillation; lung; mineral fibre; rat; scanning electron microscopy; silicate fiber; silicates; toxicology; wollastonite; Xonotlite

The in vivo durability of wollastonite materials, coated and uncoated, and of xonotlite was tested. Wollastonite is an anhydrous natural silicate and xonotlite is a hydrated synthetic calcium silicate. UICC crocidolite was used as a positive control with high durability. Using a dry-sizing technique, fractions from the stock materials were prepared according to the definiton of "thoracic particulate mass" and "respirable particulate mass" of the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists. Fibers were instilled intratracheally into female Wistar rats, and the evenness of their distribution in the lung was checked by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). After serial sacrifices at 2 and 14 days, 1, 3 and 6 months, and low temperature ashing of the lung, the fibers were analyzed by SEM. The number and size distribution of fibers were investigated. (Abstract truncated)