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Investigation of surface topography, morphology and structure of hard amorphous carbon films by AFM and TEM

Untersuchung der Oberflächentopografie, -morphologie und Struktur von hart amorphen Kohlenstoffschichten mit AFM und TEM
: Drescher, D.; Kolitsch, A.; Mensch, A.; Scheibe, H.J.

Fresenius Journal of Analytical Chemistry 353 (1995), pp.690-694
ISSN: 0937-0633
Arbeitstagung Angewandte Oberflächenanalytik (AOFA) <8, 1994, Kaiserslautern>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWS ()
AFM; hard amorphous carbon film; hart amorphe Kohlenstoffschicht; Laser-Arc; Morphologie; morphology; Oberflächenanalyse; surface analysis; TEM; Topographie; topography; Vacuumbogenabscheidung

Morphology and structure of amorphous carbon films deposited with a pulsed arc source (LASER-ARC) have been studied using microscopical methods (SEM, TEM and AFM), electron diffraction and spectroscopical investigation (EELS). It was found that the parameters of the arc source and the deposition conditions (substrate temperature) influence morphology and structure of deposited amorphous carbon films. Especially the incorporation and growth of particles, embedded in the film were in the center of interest. By particle analysis using an optical microscope a majority of particles that is smaller than 500 nm was determined. The morphology is also demonstrated similar by AFM and TEM images. Their number and size of particles is strongly influenced by the deposition temperature. The structure of amorphous film is characterized by the EELS-spectra, but the particle structure was not detectable. The structural characterization of the amorphous film and especially of the. particles is continued by Raman spectroscopy