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Investigation of binders for MIM of titanium

Untersuchung von Bindern für MIM von Titan
: Kunze, H.-D.; Hartwig, T.; Veltl, G.

Societe Francaise de Metallurgie et de Materiaux -SF2M-, Paris:
PM '94. Powder Metallurgy World Congress. Vol.2
Les Ulis Cedex: Les Editions de Physique, 1994
ISBN: 2-86883-222-9
Powder Metallurgy World Congress <1994, Paris>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
binder; metal injection molding; Metallpulverspritzguß; powder metallurgy; Pulvermetallurgie; Spritzguß; Titan; titanium

Titanium is still a speciality metal, used for example in airplanes, for chemical apparatus or for luxury goods in every day life. The reason for this can be found partly in the difficulties to form and machine the material. Thus producing titanium parts by MIM to near net shape sould be very advantageous. In this investigation binders are tested for MIM of titanium in order to find out whether oxidation or carburisation of the metal caused by the binder and the process can be avoided