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Interferenzschichtoptik für den ultravioletten Spektralbereich

Coated optics for the ultraviolet spectral range

LaserOpto 31 (1999), No.4, pp.64-68
ISSN: 1437-3041
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IOF ()
ArF; damage theshold; excimer laser; optical interference layers; radiation resistance; UV

Recent developments of DUV~excimer laser applications have demanded for radiation resistant coated components at excimer laser wavelengths in the ultraviolet spectral region. To meet the requirements of long term reliability and high pulse number throughput, superior performance of the optical components with very low absorption and scattering losses are necessary. In the framework of the German Joint Research Project , OPUS 1V efforts are made to investigate the dependence of the optical properties, the radiation resistance and long-term stability of single layers and multilayer coatings (AR and HR) in dependence on deposition conditions and to improve coating performance in the DUV at 248 rim and at 193 nm.