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Interference filter
: Schallenberg, U.; Uhlig, H.

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DE 1994-4442045 A: 19941125
DE 1994-4442045 A: 19941125
DE 4442045 C2: 19980423
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The invention relates to an optical interference filter to filter a certain spectral range from the electromagnetic spectrum in the UV, VIS and NIR ranges. The interference filter is to be designed as a 1 system filter (consists only of a layer system deposited on the substrate) and also achieves optical parameters only obtained by filters which contain at least two incoherent interconnected filter components, and in which the number of layers is drastically reduced compared with known 1 system filters with similar optical parameters which contain at least two coherent interconnected filter components. The special feature is to improve the characteristics of an all-dielectric filter with a support system S formed from dielectric and metallic layers and to integrate said system in the all-dielectric filter asymmetrically by the spacing layer A.