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Interaktives Ueberwachungssystem

Interactive video surveillance method - using camera coupled to control computer that issues commands to adjust condition of camera.
: Wagner, T.; Frischholz, R.W.; Bauer, N.

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DE 1997-19701186 A: 19970115
DE 1997-19701186 A: 19970115
DE 19701186 A1: 19980716
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The interactive surveillance involves using at least one video camera [2] to monitor or observe an object or individual [A]. Digital data (2a) from the camera arrangement (A/D) is transmitted to a control computer [3]. The computer identifies movement of the observed object and issues commands to vary the zoom lens [5] and the position [4] of the camera, so as to track the movement of the object. The recognition of movement in the monitored area may be used to initiate optical, acoustic or electrical alarm signals. USE - For surveillance systems ADVANTAGE - Provides tracking of moving object.