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Inter-company concurrent planning and control

: Müller, A.; Meinberg, U.

Gay, R.; Sivakumar, A.I.; Winsor, J. ; GINTIC Institute of CIM:
ICCIM '95. Computer Integrated Manufacturing. Proceedings. Vol. 3
Singapore: World Scientific, 1995
ISBN: 981-02-2376-5
International Conference on Computer Integrated Manufacturing <3, 1995, Singapore>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IML ()
controlling; Informationsfluß; Kooperation; Logistikkette; Materialfluss; Planungssystem

The Improvement of inter-organizational process requires on the one hand changes in the nature and structure of the relationships between supplier, transport company and manufacturer and on the other hand an increasing integration of multi-site process with respect to production and logistic management procedures and communication methods. The intention of this paper is to briefly analyze the material and information flow along the logistic chain as it is handled today. Potentials of rationalization will be shown and the new strategy of a concurrent planning and control will be introduced.