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Integrierbarer, kapazitiver Drucksensor und Verfahren zum Herstellen desselben

Integratable, capacitive pressure sensor and process for manufacturing the same
: Zimmer, G.; Eichholz, J.; Mokwa, W.; Kandler, M.; Manoli, Y.

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DE 1990-4004179 A3: 19900212
DE 1990-4004179 A: 19900212
EP 1991-903344 AW: 19910209
DE 4004179 A1: 19910814
EP 515416 B1: 19940413
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A process for the manufacture of an integratable, capacitive pressure sensor comprises the following process steps starting with a semiconductor substrate: Applying a spacer layer, depositing a polycrystalline semiconductor layer, doping the polycrystalline semiconductor layer and removing the spacer layer by etching. In order to design the pressure sensor compatible for CMOS circuits, a semiconductor area according to the invention is isolated with respect to the semiconductor substrate and an insulator layer is applied to the semiconductor substrate or to the insulated semiconductor area, whereby these process steps are performed prior to applying the spacer layer.