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Integrated home systems for resource conserving living

Innovative microelectronic based information and communication technology for homes
: Scherer, K.; Grinewitschus, V.

Koch, K.-M.; Pribyl, W. ; TU Wien, Institut für Computertechnik -ICT-; FH Technikum Kärnten, Villach; Österreichischer Verband für Elektrotechnik -ÖVE-:
Technologie im Lebensraum
Wien: ÖVE, 1996 (ÖVE-Schriftenreihe 12)
ISBN: 3-85133-008-0
European Installation Bus Association (Tagung) <1996, Villach>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IMS ()
Demonstratoranlage; Elektroniksystem; Heimautomatisierung

For running innovative and effective application processes with increased user benefits, todays HOME Systems components (hardware, software, sensors) can be improved and supplement on the basis of new microelectronic and information technology. The concepts (e.g. multifunctionality, openess) and prototypes for next generation home components and systems should be tested and demonstrated in pilot homes. The IHS-ReWo project of Fraunhofer-gesellschaft is one activity to develop and demonstrate new Home Systems components and whole systems in cooperation with the interested industry. In this paper, first you will find some considerations about status and potentials of benefits (especially in the field of resource conserving) of Integrated Home Systems. Then examples for innovative application processes are overviewed, followed by some aspects of implemenation constrains. In the last part of this constribution the IHS-ReWo-project and first small example results are described.