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Innovation im Verpackungsbereich. Das Dilemma zwischen Funktionalität und Ökonomie

Innovation in packaging. The dilemma between functionality and economy
: Langowski, H.-C.

Zentralfachschule der Deutschen Süßwarenwirtschaft e.V. -ZDS-, Solingen-Gräfrath:
Inter-Eis '96. SIE-16
Solingen, 1996
Inter-Eis <1996, Solingen>
SIE <16, 1996, Solingen>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
Auswahlkriterium; Beschichtungsverfahren; coating process; Entsorgungsaspekt; filled goods' property; Füllguteigenschaft; packaging material characteristic; Packstoffkenngröße; selection criteria; waste management

For a proper selection of a packaging material for a given application, several criteria are taken into account which often lead to conflicting requirements. The paper shows that the specific packaging functionality plays the predominant role in the selection process. Environmental aspects may - as an estimation - be tackled by the total energy value of the whole packaging system. Technical developments with highest potential are to be found in polymer films, combined with coating processes, leading to lightweight flexible packagings.