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Innovation dynamics in OECD countries by technometric analysis

: Grupp, H.

Kranzberg, M.:
Innovation at the Crossroads between Science and Technology. Proceedings of the International Workshop
Haifa: Neaman, 1989
ISBN: 965-386-000-3
International Workshop on Innovation at the Crossroads between Science and Technology <1989, Haifa>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ISI ()
innovation dynamic; technological competitiveness; technology indicator; technology trend; technometrics

Technology trends of future significance cannot be reliably forecast. However, newly developed methods for detecting the technical opportunities of scientific research at an early stage create a rational information basis. The underlying principle is systematically collected data on the current situation regarding technological competition at an international level, the state of the art in sectors with a promising future ("technometrics"), industrial research and development expenditures and patent activities at both home and abroad. A synopsis of the various types of indicators generated from the data provides a consolidated and reliable picture of the innovation dynamics in industrialized countries, which can be put to use in terms of both individual enterprises or research institutions and the national economy.