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InGeoForum - Information and Co-operation Forum for Geospatial Data

: Göbel, S.; Lutze, K.; Giger, C.

Strobl, J.; Best, C. ; Univ. Salzburg, Institut für Geographie:
Earth Observation & Geo-Spatial Web and Internet Workshop '98. Proceedings
Salzburg: Institut fuer Geographie der Universitaet Salzburg, 1998 (Salzburger geographische Materialien 27)
ISBN: 3-85283-014-1
EOGEO <1998, Salzburg>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
Geo data market; Geographisches-Informations-System (GIS); information retrieval; Information server; metadata

The InGeoForum (German: Informations- und Kooperationsforum fuer Geodaten) is understood as an information amd cp-operation forum for geo data suppliers and users. It's general aim is to push forward, based on the actual geo data market, the establishment of a "National Infrastructure for Geodata". This paper describes general goals and tasks of InGeoForum as well as technical aspects of InGeo-MIS (InGeoForum - Metadata Information System), which is the core of the InGeoForum server in the WWW. Based on the current state of the InGeoForum server, several technical extensions and visions are being examined/discussed. This includes different scenarios referring to data access, data exchange, usage of metadata concepts and utilization of intelligent agents in distributed/open environments.