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Influence of texture on the variations of temperature dependence of ultrasonic wave velocities with stress

: Chu, S.-L.; Salama, K.; Schneider, E.

Ultrasonics International '85. Proceedings
Guildford: Butterworth and Co. (Publishers), 1985
Ultrasonics International <1985, London>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
akustoelastische Konstante; aluminium; Longitudinalwellengeschwindigkeit; orthorhombische Textur; Temperaturabhängigkeit; Transversalwellengeschwindigkeit; Ultraschall

In oder to examine the utilization of the method of the temperature dependence of ultrasonic velocities for the determination of stress states in components, the influence of texture on the variation of this quantity with stress has been investigated in rolled samples of Al-alloy 2024-T351. For comparision, the effect of texture on the acoustoelastic constants in this alloy was also studied. The texture was characterized by means of absolute velocity measurements and was also confirmed using X-ray diffraction. The results show that both the acoustoelastic constants and the stress induced change of temperature dependences are influenced by texture. However the effect of texture on the temperature dependences is much stronger.