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Influence of texture on the temperatur dependence of ultrasonic velocities

: Chu, S.-L.; Salama, K.; Schneider, E.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers -IEEE-:
Ultrasonics Symposium 1984. Proceedings
Piscataway/N.Y., 1984
Ultrasonics Symposium <1984, Dallas/Tex.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
aluminium; Expansionskoeffizient; Longitudinalwellengeschwindigkeit; Orientierungsverteilungsfunktion; orthorhombische Textur; Schallgeschwindigkeit; Temperaturabhängigkeit; Temperaturkoeffizient; Transversalwellengeschwindigkeit; Ultraschall

In order to examine the sensitivity of the temperature dependences of ultrasonic velocities to texture, the absolute sound velocities as well as the temperature dependences of the velocities have been measured in textured samples of the heat-treatable Al-alloy 2024-T351 and the strain-hardened alloy 3003. The measurements were performed using both longitudinal and shear waves with propagation and polarization directions permuted in three orthogonal directions in order to obtain a set of nine experimental results for each quantity. The velocity values were uses to determine the expansion coefficients of the orientation distribution functions, which characterize the texture in the specimen. These quantities, along with the single crystal values of aluminum were then employed to calculate the influence of texture on the propagation velocities and their temperature coefficients. The analysis of results shows that the effect of texture in both cases are of the same magnitude; however, the r esults are within the experimental error of the temperature dependence measurements.