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Influence of plasma activation on the deposition of Ti, TiN and Cu using metalorganic compounds

: Weber, A.; Nikulski, R.; Bringmann, U.; Gernhuber, M.; Pöckelmann, R.; Klages, C.-P.

Proceedings of the 5th Schumacher Symposium on Dielectrics and CVD Metallization
Schumacher Symposium on Dielectrics and CVD Metallization <5, 1993, San Diego/Calif.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IST ()
copper; ECR; Kupfer; Metallorganika; metalorganics; plasma CVD; remote plasma; Titan; titanium; titaniumnitride; Titannitrid

The application of various plasma processes such as remote-plasma, ECR plasma and common rf plasma on the deposition of Cu, Ti and TiN is examined. As precursors for these processes Cu(HFAC)TMVS, tetrakis-(dimethylamido)-titanium and cycloheptatrienyl-(cyclopentadienyl)-titanium were used. In case of copper deposition the influence of the plasma interaction concerning the surface roughness is of interest. To avoid ammonia as a reactant for the deposition of TiN using Ti(NMe2)4, remote plasma experiments using hydrogen and nitrogen as plasma gases were carried out. In order to deposit Ti films the above mentioned titanium sandwich complex was employed in rf and remote- plasma processes and evaluated. Furthermore first results about the ECR plasma deposition using Cu(HFAC)TMVS and Ti(NMe2)4 are discussed.