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The influence of metal ions on the stability of liquid gun propellants containing HAN.

Der Einfluß von Metallionen auf die Stabilität von HAN-haltigen flüssigen Rohrwaffentreibstoffen
: Hansen, R.

United States, Army, Ballistics Research Laboratory:
Proceedings of the 4th Annual Conference on HAN-based liquid propellant structure and properties. Vol.1
Aberdeen Proving Ground/Md., 1989 (United States Army)
Conference on HAN-Based Liquid Propellant Structure and Properties <4, 1988, Aberdeen Proving Ground/Md.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ICT ()
bursting; container; decomposition rate; HAN; liquid propellant; LP 1846; metallic ions; pressure; stability; storage life

In HAN-based liquid gun propellants (LP 1846), HAN (hydroxylammonium nitrate) is the chemically sensitive component. Traces of metal ions are capable of accelerating its decomposition rate. To assess the stability and storage life of the propellant and the effects of metallic impurities, the buildup of pressure was studied in relevant samples. The experiments to determine the lifetime of LP 1846 were carried out in sealed containers at a temperature of 90 degree C (194 degree F). The metal ions were added to the propellant at different concentrations. As a relative measure for assessing efficacy in each case, we used either the time up to the bursting of the containers or observation of the pressure through time, with a subsequent component analysis.