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Influence of machining induced residual stresses on strength

: Pfeiffer, W.

Univ. Karlsruhe:
Colloquium Advanced Ceramics 1989. Abstracts
Karlsruhe, 1989
Colloquium Advanced Ceramics <1989, Karlsruhe>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWM ()
Bearbeitung; Eigenspannung; Festigkeit; Keramik; Röntgenbeugung

The investigations deal with non-destructive X-ray analysis of residual surface stresses due to matching of ceramic materials like alumina, zirconia and silicon carbide. Systematic variations of the machining conditions lead to a close relationship between the elementary machanisms of the machining procedures and the introduced residual stresses. It can be derived from the correlation of the residual stresses with the bending strengths of the machined ceramic components, that two overlapping effects are of importance. Up to a certain extent, residual stresses and decreasing strength because of surface damages.