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Influence of a substrate bias on the formation of cubic boron nitride in an ECR plasma CVD process

: Weber, A.; Bringmann, U.; Nikulkski, R.; Klages, C.-P.

11th International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry '93. Vol.3. Proceedings
ISBN: 0-9522-1493-8
International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry <11, 1993, Loughborough>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IST ()
bias frequency; bias voltage; Biasfrequenz; Biasspannung; cubic boron nitride; ECR-Plasma; kubisches Bornitrid; N-trimethylborazine

N-Trimethylborazine has been used as a precursor in a downstream ECR plasma process to deposit cubic BN.N- Trimethylborazine (CHsub3-N-B-H)sub3 is a non- corrosive and non-explosive liquid with a suitable vapor pressure. As plasma gas an argon/nitrogen mixture was used and N-trimethylborazine vapor was fed into the downstream region of the MW-ECR plasma source. The formation of spsub3 bonded BN strongly depends on the process parameters and needs a substrate temperature of at least 800 degree and a bias of -200 V achieved with a low frequency (100-450 kHz) or a rf (13.56 MHz) generator. From the experimental results some conclusions concerning the growth mechanism of c-BN are derived. The BN deposits on silicon (111) were characterized by IR spectroscopy and EPMA.