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Industrial robots and vision systems - applications and trends

Industrieroboter und Bildverarbeitungssysteme - Trends und Anwendungen
: Ahlers, R.-J.

International Fluidics Services Ltd. -IFS-, Kempston:
21st International Symposium on Industrial Robots '90. Proceedings
Kempston, 1990
ISBN: 1-85423-084-0
International Symposium on Industrial Robots <21, 1990, Copenhagen>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Bildverarbeitung; Bildverarbeitungssystem; industrial robot; Industrieroboter; vision system

Modern production systems are in principle distinguished by their flexiblity in terms of adaptable installation and structural components. The integration of industrial robots into production lines has played an important role here. This high level of development in the production field necessitates appropriate and efficient measuring and testing facilities for quality assurance purposes. The economic provision of complex test installations with sensors for quality inspection is aided by the enormous progress in information technology. Thus, even today, the inclusion of the most diverse sensor systems can create a foundation for furthering the automation of visual and dimensional test procedures. In addition, improvements in the microelectronics field have contributed towards the introduction of economically priced and powerful systems. Furthermore, results have been achieved in software developments which, in conjunction with the above mentioned hardware, enable very flexible, problem oriented systems to be produced. This paper is based on applications that make use of complex sensor systems in combination with industrial robots. This combination leads to new system solutions that will find their introduction into industrial practice in the near future.