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Indoor pollution by organic emissions from textile floor coverings. Climate test chamber studies under static conditions

: Sollinger, S.; Levsen, K.; Wünsch, G.


Atmospheric environment 28 (1994), No.14, pp.2369-2378
ISSN: 0004-6981
ISSN: 1352-2310
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
carpets; chemicals; chemistry, analytical; chemistry, organic; climate test chamber; floor coverings; hazardous substances; indoor air pollution; organic compound; pollutant; styrene-butadiene rubber; textile chemistry; volatile organic compounds

The emission of organic compounds from textile floor coverings was studied in a climate test chamber under static conditions (zero air exchange) in order to test the parameters which influence such chamber experiments, i.e. the temperature, the humidity and the adsorption on the walls. While depending on the volatility and the polarity of the compound, the equilibrium concentrations increase in part substantially with increasing temperature, the humidity has little impact on the observed concentrations. The chamber walls represent an important sink for polar and less volatile compounds, although this sink does not influence the equilibrium concentrations. Ten textile floor coverings have been tested (7 of which had a polyamide pile and a styrene-butadiene rubber backing). Ninety-nine compounds have been identified. The equilibrium concentrations of 20 compounds have been determined. (Abstract truncated)