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Indicators for a European Cross-Country Comparison of Energy Efficiency in the Manufacturing Industry

: Eichhammer, W.; Mannsbart, W.


Energy policy 25 (1997), No.7-9, pp.759-772
ISSN: 0301-4215
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ISI ()
energy efficiency; comparative evaluation; parametric analysis; energy conservation; energy conversion; sectoral analysis; energy consumption; evaluated data; foreign technology; Energiewirtschaft; Energiesparen; Wirtschaftsindikator; verarbeitendes Gewerbe; Europa

Prerequisite for policy aiming at energy efficiency - also from a R and D viewpoint - is the evaluation of previous efforts and the classification of national results in an international framework. Particularly in the light of international climate policy, it is clear that consistent data and evaluations are necessary. Starting from an analysis of data availability, it was the aim of this investigation - supported by the EU's SAVE programme - to find internationally suitable indicators to measure and compare the development of energy efficiency. This project focuses above all on methodological aspects (e.g. for end-use sectors, transformation sector), but also contributes to the identification of data gaps on a country level for the purpose of international comparison. By means of a common structure for energy efficiency analyses and a common database called ODYSSEE, a harmonisation and better comparability of national indicators on energy intensities will be possible. Furthermore, the data base will be useful for comparisons in the context of technological status and of discussions linked to the climate frame convention.