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InAs/GaSb Superlattices for infrared detection: Structural characterization and optical Properties

InAs/Sb-Übergitter für Infraror-Detektion: Strukturelle Charakterisierung und optische Eigenschaften
: Wagner, J.; Fuchs, F.; Herres, N.; Schmitz, J.; Koidl, P.

Li, S.S.; Tidrow, M.Z.; Liu, H.C.; Beck, W.A.; Singh, A. ; Electrochemical Society -ECS-:
3rd International Symposium on Long wavelength infrared detectors and arrays: Physics and Applications III '95. Proceedings
1995 (Electrochemical Society. Proceedings 95-28)
Book Article
Fraunhofer IAF ()
InAs/GaSb superlattices; InAs/Sb-Übergitter; IR-detector; IR-Detektor; optical properties; optische Eigenschaft; structural characterization; strukturelle Charakterisierung

InAs/Ga(l-x)In(x)Sb superlattices (SLs) are of current interest because of their potential application in infrared optoelectronic devices. We present a detailed study of the structural and optical properties of InAs/GaSb SLs with either InSb-like or GaAs-like interfaces (IFs). The SL structures were grown by molecular-beam epitaxy on top of a strain- relaxed GaSb buffer layer on (100) GaAs substrates. Special emphasis is laid on the dependence of the SL properties on the type of IF bonds formed. SIA with InSb-like IFs were found to have superior structural and luminescence properties, which allowed us to fabricate InAs/GaSb SL p-i-n diodes with InSb-like IFs showing photovoltaic response and electrically pumped emission up to room-temperature.