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In situ real time monitoring of film thickness and temperature during epitaxial growth by using Reflexion Supported Pyrometric Interferometry (RSPI)


Engineering Foundation -EF-, New York:
EF Conference on Monitoring and Control Techniques for Intelligent Epitaxy 1995. Conference program
New York, 1995
Conference on Monitoring and Control Techniques for Intelligent Epitaxy <1995, Banff>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IIS A ( IIS) ()
MBE-facility; process control; real time control system

Film thickness and temperature are among the most important process parameters for epitaxial growth, determining crystal quality as well as device performance. In this paper we show how Reflexion Supported Pyrometric Interferometry can be employed in order to measure in situ thickness as well as surface temperature simultaneously with an resolution of 0.1 nm and 0.1 deg C, respectively. It is demonstrated that RSPI is a suitable method for single as well as multi-layer applications. The physical principles as well as instrument set-ups are explained. A broad range of applications are discussed like: Thickness and tmerpature control of III-V surface emitting laser (VCSEL) growth in MBE facilities, temperature and thickness control of Si, SiN and SiGe during rapid thermal chemical vapour deposition (RTCVD), temperature and thickness monitoring during growth of Multi-Quantum-Wells (MQWs).