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In den Fußspuren von Ernst Mach - ein historischer Überblick über die Stoßwellen-Forschung im Ernst-Mach-Institut

In the footsteps of Ernst Mach - a historical review of shock wave research at the Ernst-Mach-Institut
: Reichenbach, H.


Shock Waves 2 (1992), pp.65-79
ISSN: 0938-1287
Journal Article
Fraunhofer EMI ()
Ausbreitungsausbreitung; blast simulator; decursor; historical review; historischer Überblick; precursor; propagation; shock tube; shock wave; shock wave research; Stoßwelle; Stoßwellenforschung; T-tubes

The aim of this paper is to recall some of the historical work on shock waves and to give a brief survey of research activities at the Ernst-Mach-Institut (EMI). Some fundamental results of Ernst-Mach (1838-1916) are demonstrated and historical remarks are given to the shock tube as an important toll in shock wave research. The activity at EMI in this field was initiated by Prof. H. Schardin (1902-1965) in 1955 and has since been continued. Propagation processes of shock and blast waves, blast loading phenomena, shock attenuation, shock reflection at various surfaces, development of new types of blast simulators, electromagnetically driven T-tubes, precursor and decursor phenomena are only a few examples of research topics at EMI that will be discussed.