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Implementation of CAN-System in Truck-based Aircraft washing-system

: Rupp, K.-D.; Wurst, O.

CAN in Automation -CiA- e.V., International Users and Manufacturers Group:
ICC '94. Proceedings
Erlangen: CiA, 1994
International CAN Conference <1, 1994, Mainz>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
CAN-System; Flugzeug; Flugzeugwaschroboter; Industrial robot control (IRC); Industrieroboter; Robotersteuerung; skywash; Waschanlage

To wash aircraft's a truck-based washing system was developed. The computer system is divided into two parts, an industrial robot control (IRC) and a bord computer. This bord computer is responsible for the diagnostic and control of the system. A lot of signals must be analysed (about 250). To sample all these signals a CAN system is used. The advantage of this system is the distribution of connecting points and cabling. The safety of the whole system is higher than comparable systems with traditional wiring. The presentation describes the advantages, constraints, requirements and drawbacks for the implementation of CAN-system in the aircraft washing-system.