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IFAM advancing MIM technology

: Weber, M.; Petzoldt, F.; Hartwig, T.; Veltl, G.

Metal Powder Report (1997), June, pp.22-26
ISSN: 0026-0657
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
case hardening steels; Metal Injection Moulding; microstructure; modelling; properties; tungsten

During the last decade, Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) has become an attractive manufacturing process for small mass-produced parts of complicated forms. The field of application of the MIM technology is at present being extended by identification of new parts and substitution of other manufacturing processes. Besides the technical designers' knowledge of the potential of the MIM technology, an important motive power is the availability of an increasing number of materials, which are in part highly developed, as well as the reduction of the manufacturing costs. In this overview article, different aspects of this evelopment are summarized. It will give a report of the progress obtained in the MIM technology with reference to the well-aimed adjustment of material properties. The testing of the carbon and oxygen content of high performance materials will be especially considered. The reduction of the development time in the MIM manufacturing process will be explained by optimization of mo ulds on the basis of simulation calculation and exemplified by the application of powders of high sintering activity.