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Identifizierung dreidimensionaler Objekte, insbesondere Personen

Identification method for three-dimensional objects - stores processed information regarding three-dimensional form of object from several cameras and compares it to data already stored.
: Wagner, T.; Bauer, N.; Frischholz, R.W.

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DE 1995-19516662 A: 19950505
DE 1995-19516662 A: 19950505
DE 19516662 A1: 19961114
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The method uses several devices for receiving optical data from the object or object part. The input data is processed using an electronic preprocessing device. The preprocessed information is stored together with a name for the object or object part. If necessary the previous steps are repeated with further objects or parts of objects. The information concerning the object is compared with the information about the three- dimensional form of an object already stored under another name to identify the object. USE - Especially for identifying people, objects for industrial inspection. ADVANTAGE - Identifies people using biometric characteristics more reliably.