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Das Hydrobio-Verfahren zur Sanierung von TNT-Altlasten

: Saupe, A.; Heinze, L.; Simmert, J.; Dahn, A.; Koehler, P.

TerraTech 5 (1996), No.3, pp.58-60
ISSN: 0942-5675
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IITB, Außenstelle Prozessoptimierung (EPO); 1997
alkaline hydrolysis; alkalische Hydrolyse; biodegradation; biologischer Abbau; Bodensanierung; Mineralisierung; mineralization; Nitroaromat; nitroaromatic; soil remediation; TNT

. In Germany the production and use of TNT and other explosives resulted in a considerable number of contaminated sites. Environmental and health risks arise from TNT and its by-products as well as from its biotic and abiotic transformation products, which often leach into the groundwater. Further risks result from the possibility of explosions. New technologies for the remediation of contaminated sites have to be developed. Biological treatment systems have recently been researched; however, a complete mineralization of TNT was not observed. This is why chemical and physical treatment option salso need to be investigated. To reach treatment goals, a final biological stage is sometimes applied with these technologies. In a lab-scale research project, the newly developed "HydroBio"-process, a combination of alkaline hydrolysis, thermal and biological treatment, was investigated for its potential for a safe and complete desensitization as well as mineralization of pure TNT and TNT in soi l. Results are reported for the decontamination of TNT and nitroaromatics from soil. Furthermore the carbon and nitrogen balances for each treatment step are presented.