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Hydraulischer Druckpunkt

Hydraulic pressure point
: Schrobbach, H.; Neugebauer, R.; Wawrzyniak, A.

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DE 1991-4118569 A: 19910606
DE 1991-4118569 A: 19910606
DE 4118569 A1: 19921210
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The invention relates to a hydraulic pressure point between the connecting rod and the slide lug (tup) of a press for cutting, deep-drawing or embossing. The hydraulic pressure point can also be located between the table and frame of a press or between other machine parts within the force flow. The invention serves to prevent tilting, attenuate cutting impact and/or to protect against overload and can be used as part of a force measuring system. The task according to the invention is solved by the fact that two telescopic concentric piston-cylinder assemblies are arranged in the force flow, said assemblies including two pressure chambers and are subjected to mutual tension against a spring by means of the pretension pressure in the chambers, the hydraulic circuit between the pressure source contains a continuous-action valve at whose control input the difference between the actual pressure in the other chamber compared with its pretension pressure is applied, and a pressure increase in the controlled chamber corresponds to a positive difference between the actual and pretension pressures in the controlling chamber.