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Humanes rekombinantes Interferon-beta mit verbesserter Loeslichkeit

New mutated recombinant human interferon-beta protein contains hydroxylic amino acid substitutions to improve water solubility - used e.g. in in vitro screening assays, to measure interferon levels and to treat multiple sclerosis.
: Otto, B.; Waschuetza, G.; Schneider Fresenius, C.

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DE 1997-19717864 A: 19970423
DE 1997-19717864 A: 19970423
EP 1998-920533 AW: 19980416
WO 1998-EP2238 A: 19980416
DE 19717864 C2: 20010517
EP 975761 B1: 20040114
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A mutated recombinant human interferon- beta protein (I) in which an amino acid having at least one hydroxy group is substituted for at least one of Leu5, Phe8, Phe15, Leu47, Phe50, Leu106, Phe111, Leu116, Leu120 and Phe156, is new. USE - (I) is used in medicaments e.g. for treating multiple sclerosis, for in vitro screening assays and for measurement of interferon levels (claimed). ADVANTAGE - The mutated protein is more water-soluble than recombinant wild-type human interferon- beta .