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HPLC-Analyse von Fettreif

HPLC-analysis of bloom
: Ziegleder, G.; Geier Greguska, J.; Grapin, J.


Fett. Zeitschrift für Wissenschaft und Technologie der Fette, Öle und Wachse 96 (1994), No.10, pp.390-394
ISSN: 0931-5985
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
bloom; chocolate; cocoa butter; confectionery; Fettreif; Haltbarkeit; Hochdruckflüssigkeitschromatographie; HPLC; Kakaobutter; Schokolade; shelf life; Süßwaren

Bloom was isolated from stored chocolate products for the separation of its triglycerides via high performance liquid chromatography and for the estimation of melting curves by means of thermal analysis. Different types of bloom show specific triglyceride distributions. Bloom on plain chocolate consists of cocoa butter fractions with increased concentrations of POP, POS and SOS, while nut products reveal bloom with high triolein contents. With respect to these results the accelerating effect of nut or almond oils as well as the retarding effect of milk fat may be explained.