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Hoergeraet zur Implementierung in den aeusseren menschlichen Gehoergang

Hearing aid for implementation in the outer human ear passage.
: Schroth, S.; Egner, H.; Huber, M.; Elsner, P.

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DE 1997-19733728 A: 19970804
DE 1997-19733728 A: 19970804
DE 19733728 C1: 19990318
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The hearing aid has an electronic module (1) which coarsely fits the internal contours of the hearing passage (G) and narrows at the near end. A gas-tight sealed volume at the outer periphery of the electronic module is enclosed by an extendable foil sleeve (3). A low boiling point fluid in the volume has a boiling point close to body temperature. If the boiling point is exceeded by the body temperature in the ear passage the volume expands so that the hearing aid is fixed in the passage and is acoustically sealed. USE - For implementation in the outer human ear passage. ADVANTAGE - The device can be matched to the individual shape of the outer passage exclusively by the hearing aid technician.