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Hochspannungsisolation fuer niederinduktive Leitungsverbindungen von Leitungen fuer gepulste elektrische Leistung

High-tension insulation for low-inductance line connections for lines conveying pulsed electrical power
: Noll, R.; Haas, C.R.; Kunze, H.

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DE 1988-3806081 A: 19880226
DE 1988-3806081 A: 19880226
DE 3806081 C2: 19910829
Patent, Electronic Publication
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High-voltage insulation for low-inductance lines conveying pulsed electrical power, in particular for lines in laser systems or pulsed power systems and/or for joints in lines each having two spaced electrical conductors with a solid insulation material in the cavity between them. In order to increase the dielectric strength for pulsed voltages or pulsed electrical power, the high-tension insulation is designed so that the cavity between the electrical conductors is filled with a dielectric fluid in which insulation parts are located partly subdividing the cavity, the total thickness of the insulation parts being small in relationship to the spacing between the conductors.