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Information sign
: Heidler, K.; Kunzelmann, S.; Lautenschlager, H.

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DE 1988-3803246 A: 19880204
DE 1988-3803246 A: 19880204
DE 3803246 C2: 19911128
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The invention relates to an information sign bearing an inscribed fluorescent collector (1) which can be illuminated by means of light sources (11) which are coupled to the edges (10) of the fluorescent collector panel. The light sources (11) are stored by an accumulator (9) which is recharged by means of solar cells (4) which are also coupled to an edge (5) of the fluorescent collector (1) and then, if the sign does not need to be illuminated, the impinging ambient light is converted into electrical current for storage in the accumulator (9).